Vission and Mission 

Vission & Mission Statement group plan to expand it’s business and networking to Asean countries in the next 10 years.

We benefit mankind with our business

Our Business Phylosophy

Our purpose of doing business is to give benefits to mankind
Profit is not our purpose of doing business but having profit is essentially a must in business
Profit is a must to ensure business can benefit the stakeholders
Profit make it possible to expand our business and make more people benefit from the business.

1. Oh Allah, jadikan hambaMu ini insan yang paling banyak memberi manfaat kepada manusia.
Oh Allah, make us your servant who benefit other mankind the most

2. O Allah pimpin kami dengan amal dan akhlak terbaik
O Allah lead u to the best action and moral

3. O Allah, aku berlindung dengan Mu dari tamak yang membawa kepada kehancuran
O Allah I seek refuge from greediness that will lead to catasthrophy

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