ABOUT UNITI.Asia Business Group 

Uniti.Asia group believe that business is about giving benefit to all the stakeholders including customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, subcontractors, manufacturers, general people, government, nation and all mankind.

Realizing that the world economy is shifting towards Asia especially Asian countries, uniti.asia group took a preemptive step to initiate, collaborate, cooperate effort to grow it’s current business in the region of Asia.

Originating from Malaysia, Uniti.asia group has broaden it’s business into Indonesia and Thailand. The group plan to have it’s footing in all Asian countries in the next 10 years.

Uniti.Asia group focus in 4 categories of business namely education, property development & construction, trading and services and social work.  


Uniti.Asia business philosophy can be simplified in 3 letter words that is "BBS".

The first letter B stands for BENEFIT. Uniti.Asia believes that the purpose of doing business is to benefitt mankind. Our clients, customers, partners, shareholders, stakeholders, staff, workers, suppliers, contractors, consultants, financiers, society and nation should benefit from our business. Profit is not our objective of doing business but it is a MUST to be profitable. Whenever we want to start a business, benefits are analyzed using the benefit circle. 

The second letter B means BEST. In pursuing our objective of doing business mentioned above, we have to exert our best effort. 

Finally the third letter S stands for SINCERITY. It means that all our BESTeffort to BENEFIT mankind should be done with SINCERITY.


Property Development & Construction

Services Consultancy & Training

Social Work 

Companies Owned and Operated by the UNITI.Asia Group

The UNITI Asia Group is a major investment and development company in Indonesia, Thailand. The company has interests in a wide range of industries including education, real estate development and construction, consulting services and training, in social work and social entrepreneurs and others as shown below.


Kolej UNITI Port Dickson

Kolej UNITI Sdn Bhd was established on January 27, 1997. It started as a Private Higher Education Institutions, Kolej UNITI. The approval of the Ministry of Education Malaysia, on 15th March 1997, commenced operations in Pasir Panjang Campus, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan.

Kolej UNITI Kota Bharu

Kolej UNITI Kota Bharu, formerly known as College Jaiputra / Jaipetra College was established as a Private Higher Education Institutions under the Private Higher Educational Institutions Act 1996 (Act 555) in March 1998. College Jaiputra transformed in 2004 with the change of name of Jaipetra college (college Jamiah Islamiah Sultan Ismail Petra) to the new name of Jaiputra college (Jamiah natural son). In 2016, the College Jaiputra renamed Kolej Uniti Kota Bharu.

UNITI Educational Toys

UNITI Educational Toys offers Artera Toys Learning System.
Artera is targeted to preschool operators to address their common problems such as limited source of income, escalating management cost, untrained teachers, stiff competition from other kindergartens in recruiting new students every year
UNITI Educational Toys is looking for partners in the respective country for collaboration. 

Property Development & Construction


UNITI Brick Sdn Bhd consists of proficient and competent group of Design Architects, Engineers and Contractors in providing end-to-end services from architectural design & space planning up to building construction.
We supply high quality Interlocking Brick with our own production based in Tg. Agas, Port Dickson. With our well-trained labour in IBS construction, we are way faster in project completion than conventional construction does. Tools? Experience? Yes we have enough to help with your needs.

Menara Arina UNITI

Founded in Negeri Sembilan in the year 2000, Capital Higway Builders (CHB) has developed into one of the leading construction contractors in Malaysia.
We specialize in construction projects and infrastructure and prestigious complex. Our portfolio includes some of the most iconic landmarks in the region, from luxury high-rise development, universities, stadiums and residential buildings.
Our contacts established in the region, a team of skilled and dedicated, innovative methods and ready to exacting standards have earned us a competitive advantage in use in the industry.

Pattani Jaya Commercial

In Pattani, a one  mega development comprising of 1200 rai of land (about 500 acres ), 2/3 development concept is the concept of waqf and 1/3 commercial. In other words, development in Pattani endowment and commercial mixes. It is the first new township in southern Thailand.
We assist in managing several commercial projects, as well as in providing a capital investment particularly in the construction of 92 units of shop lots, construction ASEAN Mall nd several other projects berkonsepkn commercial (for profit). Included in the plans there is construction of light industrial and Youth Development Center. One focus is the development of the younger generation who can raise the local economy through local production of halal products and sell in Asean Mall.

Selemba Residence

Edencapital Indonesia offers
property development, 
Property management service rental at Salemba Residence Jakarta

Orbit Capital Indonesia is looking for potential partner
who wants to develop in property development,
who want to collobrate in property mangement service rental.

Service, Consultancy & Training

UNITI Marshal

UNITI Marshal is a leading systems integrator in Malaysia. It is best at understanding the different business needs of corporate clients, and then integrating IT and communications technologies to offer real solutions to these needs. The quality and commitment of the UNITI Marshal’s team is the company’s main strength and ensures that the company always delivers to client expectations. Driven by client success, this team is built around the values of leadership and involvement at all levels.

UNITI Runding

Empowering, uphold and promote the implementation of halal in life by offering training programs, courses, consulting, advisory and related services.

Being a center of excellence in the workforce knowledge and technical skills in the halal industry to offer training programs, courses, seminars, consultancy, advice and services of competent and recognized both nationally and regionally.

UNITI Virtual Office

As a provider of virtual office services, telephony systems and virtual call center in the heart of Kuala Lumpur with performance and customer satisfaction. In the years ahead, we hope to be able to bring this innovative service to the rest of Asia.
We sincerely welcome and invite you out there to be part of our family. We hope this service can benefit many people out there. At the same time these efforts can improve his country's economy in general.

UNITI Trading

We offer :
1. Trading network
within ASEAN Countries
2. Direct access to
Pattani Asean Mall

D'Arina Skyview

D'Arina Skyview is a taste of Malay Continental Luxury Cuisine within Kuala Lumpur. Provide an expensive 270 degree view of KL's magnificent skyline.

Brindley Training & Camp

Brindley Training & Camp is an operator of Kem & Consultant Training that operates in UNITI Complex, Pasir Panjang, Port Dickson Negeri Sembilan.

The Background of Long Sand Savings Forest and facing directly into the Malacca Strait makes Brindley Training and Camp (BTC) a unique and exciting training camp offering a range of 2 in 1 indoor and outdoor training facilities on one premise.

PDS Training Camp

PDS Tranung Camp with peaceful atmosphere of birds chirping and sea breeze offers seminar packages, training, teambuilding, family day as well as explorace and sukaneka activities with attractive prices. In addition there are activities like kayak casual, management games and teambuilding games such as Radius Sotong, Rope Conclusion, Dinosaur Egg and Blanket Ball as a side activity. Cooking activities such as kayaking and rafting at sea, jungle survival and jungle treasure hunt, flying fox and so on can be done at Brindley training camp (www.mybrindley.com) located 7 km from PD Sanctuary Apartment.

Social Work 

Yayasan UNITI Kolej UNITI Port Dickson

UNITI Foundation is a not-for-profit organization. Founded by the Kolej UNITI who believed that the youth need to be empowered with information about opportunities that are available in the world of work.

The contribution will be used in development activities and career education students who can not afford.

The contribution also extended to communities in need of help.

he program will be sent periodically to the contributor.

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